Guest Post: Men in Thigh high boots in Public

I received this email couple days ago, and I really want to share this. I am so glad that I created this blog years ago, so people who have the same interests can relate to my personal experience. I am thrilled to hear that my blog gave you courage to order your new thigh high boots and going to wear them in public.

I really don’t think men in tall boots in public cause any conflict or problem. I have been wearing tall boots in public and people DO stare at them all the time especially guys, but they won’t make any comments nor treat you in a different way. I actually have a personal pride when guys will stare at them, and I like the feeling of my footwear stand from the crowds.

Keep your boots on and be proud of them!



I came across your blog. like you I really love high boots.

Already for a very long time as as man I had the deep wish to start to wear real traditional overknee boots. In fact since my youth I have this desire, because I regarded high pirateboots than as very exciting. Till yet I only didn’t trust myself, to wear such very masculine boots in reality, as overknee boots seemed to be reserved for women. My highest boots until yet were cowboyboots, and only since a year I dare to wear those uncovered (so with my jeans put inside). To change from those half-high boots, only running up to my calfs, to real high boots is a big step than, as you will understand, as these are really an eyecatcher.

But several posts and blogs on the internet have encouraged me finally to take this step indeed. I have just ordered my first pair to be made by Jean Gabrit Boots for Guys in Paris. They will be even already be of the showily pirate-type, thus not only overknee, but with turned upside-down cuffs and four straps with very big silver buckles at the sides. As a startmodell we did chose the boots in the attached pic, so only higher and with a double amount of buckles. Soon as a man I will wear real high boots too!

I am very looking forward to receive them. I would like very much to wear my piratestyle overknee boots from the beginning as a standard everyday, and I hope I will indeed find the courage to wear them in public immediately. I hope reactions will be positive. I am interested in the experiences in this respect of those men who already dared to do so. If one indeed has found the courage to wear high boots in public, I suppose this to be very exciting.


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The tudors – men wear thigh high boots show

Who say men can’t wear thigh high boots? Look at how hot they are ! Guys, please your thigh high boots today if you can.

I wish this is men’s winter fashion 2011.

Got a free pair of boots!

I ordered a pair of thigh high boots from in March. I did not really plan to keep them and was thinking about send them back after a month or two since it is free return shipping. I did not really want to keep them because they are low quality boots from my point of view and I don’t think I will wear them much. They are made of pig leather, clean simple design. With low heels and cheap soles and poor construction for comfort. Well, I guess the reason is because it is made for costume use. So I sent it back to them via ups. I was simply stick the return shipping label over the old shipping label. It did ship to shoebuy office and it showed up on the tracker online. However, there was an exception and they had  to track the boots down. I was worrying about they won’t pay me back. Continue reading “Got a free pair of boots!”